Welcome to Sacred Life Coaching.

Twenty Sacred Life Principles:

  1. All life is sacred and is equally precious to God/Source/The Divine.
  2. God/Source/The Divine resides equally in all things and all situations.
  3. Connection with the natural world is the most immediate way to connect with and experience God/Source/The Divine’s presence.
  4. The human species has no inherent superiority or claim to ownership or dominance over any other species on earth.
  5. Right relationship with the natural world is one of respect, gratitude and devotion.
  6. Right relationship can only be achieved through a deep, abiding reverence for all life.
  7. Reverence for life is the centerpiece – the foundation – of all true spiritual paths.
  8. Reverence for life is a spiritual practice. It grows daily through devoted intention, grateful attention and compassionate action.
  9. Reverence for all life means a daily practice of acknowledging and avoiding oppression, violence and cruelty toward all life on earth wherever possible.
  10. Reverence for all life also means speaking out on behalf of all life on earth – addressing the dominant culture’s mistaken belief in their superiority, entitlement and privilege, whenever possible. It means being the voice for those who have no voice.
  11. Because this is a spiritual path, perfection is impossible – following the path means abandoning all hopes of perfection and instead fostering deeper and deeper levels of compassion and connection in yourself and others.
  12. All life on earth wants to move in the direction of right relationship, and can and will do so naturally, if allowed. This is true for you too.
  13. The human species will come into right relationship with all other life on earth when a tipping point is reached. Our species will evolve as fast as we let it.
  14. Every voice, every choice matters. Use yours wisely and with compassion every day.
  15. Oppression, cruelty and violence are not “personal choices” and no one is entitled to use them to dominate others, either of their own species or of other species.
  16. The needs of the beautiful, abundant, interdependent web of life are more important than the needs and preferences of any single species.
  17. However you are able to understand and experience the nature of God/Source/The Divine is perfect, and perfect for you.
  18. You are an essential part of the miracle. You make the miracle possible, as much as the miracle makes you possible.
  19. Your love – love of life on earth, love of God/Source/The Divine, love for a better future – matters. It makes a difference.
  20. Your spiritual growth, your capacity to experience God/Source/The Divine is directly proportional to your ability to eschew oppression, cruelty and violence in favor of love, connection with and a deep, abiding respect for all life on earth.

The dominant culture (anthropocentric) works very hard to maintain its dominance.

If you choose to live a spiritual path based on reverence for all life on earth (biocentric), you can expect there will be challenges – the shift will necessarily restructure your life, perhaps in ways that surprise or sadden you at the time. There may be grief and loss as you begin to awaken to the suffering of others, and to the participation of others in causing that suffering. There may be loneliness as you begin to separate yourself from the influence of the dominant culture and see things through new eyes.

But you are loved and supported with unimaginable tenderness and power. The presence of God/Source/The Divine is right there with you, carrying you through each challenge, through each setback. You were born for this.

Your spiritual expansion as you begin to stand for love and speak for compassion, is miraculous. When you make the commitment and do the work, you literally open a door to the Divine within you. A direct channel to the Source of all love, of all life, within you. If you are truly ready and willing to do the work, I promise you will not be disappointed.

It is my privilege to offer Sacred Life Coaching Programs and Products in service to your spiritual expansion, and to reverence for all life on earth.

If you resonate with what I have offered above, then it would be my honor and my pleasure to support you on your quest in any way that I can. You can find out more about working with me here.