Advice to a Friend Who was Recently “Down-Sized”

So, I am posting this here, because I feel like I need to read this to myself all the time, and maybe we all do. Maybe this isn’t just encouraging for the recently “down-sized” but for the entirety of the human experience. So I am putting this here to cheer myself on, and hopefully, to cheer you on too in the process!



There is a big huge expansive way to hold this news, but unless you are prepared for it already, that usually doesn’t come till later. It has something to do with belonging – so it’s a primal thing – over and above the perceived security issues are the self worth issues that rise up and reveal themselves in the wake of this sort of event.

These are all quite wonderful opportunities for personal expansion and brilliant illuminating moments of clarity and joy, but those are probably a few weeks off.

Just remember this, my friend:  you belong. You have a place, in fact many, many places that are rightfully, welcomingly yours. Places where you can shine, and where your purpose is even greater than it was in your last place.

We do not live in a world where people stay anywhere for long, and the tide itself will carry you to your next place.

Do not be afraid. You belong in the family of man and you are worthy of love, respect and admiration at all times and under all circumstances without exception.

No matter how much they may label you “down-sized” – the truth is that no one has the power to “down-size” you, but you.  They are the only ones shrinking in this story. Consider your leaving that shrinking situation as proof of your imminent expansion; proof of that situation having finally become too small to hold you, whether you were aware of it at the time or not.

Now (or very, very soon) is the time for your vision of your own greatness to expand and for you to expand to meet it.  Relax into your expansion, now that the walls have finally come down and you can be as big as you want to be, as big as you can imagine!

Look around you.

The sky’s the limit, my friend – time to go supernova!

With much love and light,



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2 Responses to Advice to a Friend Who was Recently “Down-Sized”

  1. Michelle says:

    All too often we worry about being loved by those who would be willing to “down-size” us. I think your friend should look at it this way; by the other person leaving, they have created room for someone to come into your friend’s life who will truly value them enough to make room in their life for your friend.

  2. Kif says:

    Lovely Kaite! This is exactly what I need to read at this time in my life – while switching from an office job to a more entrepreneurial vocation. It’s difficult to believe in yourself and remember your worth while ideas are percolating, dreams are just starting to expand and fears are brewing about “success” – measured by the outside world. Success is in just being. thank you!

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