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Well, it’s finally here!

Little by little I have been shifting my practice from the previous focus of spiritual sovereignty to the current focus of fostering reverence for all life on earth.

You’ve probably noticed the name change to go with the shift – my practice used to be called “Alchemy Coaching” and you’ll probably still see references to it in my earlier blog posts, but I’ve been inspired to rename my practice to “Sacred Life Coaching” to indicate the new focus on reverence for all life.

The Sanctuary is in the process of transitioning as well – into the Sacred Life Sanctuary – with resources for making the transition to a spiritual path based on reverence for all life.

(Don’t worry, all the Sovereign Soul resources will still be available there, and the resources to support the new book will also be available there still!)

Going forward coaching services and programs will be developed to support people in transitioning from a dominant culture lifestyle that is primarily founded upon anthropocentric entitlement with little regard to its impact on the other citizens of earth, to a spiritual path that embraces and prioritizes a reverence for all life.

My work is, and will be fostering a spiritual expansion that prioritizes connection and compassion for all life on earth, and managing the unique set of challenges that arise when one embarks on this particular spiritual path.

There are some basic underlying ground rules that I will put forth now, and will enforce rigorously on this blog and also on the Facebook page:

  • This is a spiritual path. If you think compassion for all life is not a spiritual path, you are on the wrong blog. There is a strong atheist vegan community, and they will welcome you, but this is not the place for you if you are atheist. Here we agree that God, and Love and Life on Earth are all connected and important.
  • This is a spiritual practice. That means we are all practicing. It does not mean we are perfect at it yet, and nor should we be. This is not a place for shaming others on the path, or comparing the purity of our compassionate actions and choices. We are all on the path, we are all at various points along the path, we will all experience setbacks, we will all make mistakes, and we are all worthy and blessed to have one another’s company as we do those things. Shaming, belittling, or dismissive comments will be deleted. I’m keeping the container compassionate.
  • Abstaining from participation in oppression, violence, exploitation, or cruelty towards others is part of the practice. That means that ultimately one of the goals is to eliminate foods, products, activities and entertainment that are oppressive, violent, exploitative, or cruel to life on earth of any species. It’s okay not to have yet been able to fully implement that in your life yet. It’s okay to disagree or be confused about what constitutes exploitation or oppression. Like any social justice movement, or any spiritual path, there will be areas that are open for interpretation. But the rule of thumb is this: if you wouldn’t want it done to you, or your loved ones, then don’t do it to others. Period. If you are struggling to give up a particular food item, for example, that’s fine, we’re here to help you do that. It’s okay to find this hard, to fall off the wagon and reach out for help. It’s not okay to insist that eating the bodies and fluids of other species is fine. It’s not fine. It’s okay not to be able to give up your medication, even though you know it has been tested on animals. It’s not okay to maintain that testing on animals is okay because you need your medication. Do you see the distinction? It’s okay to fail to live up to our ideals and reach out for help. It’s not okay to rationalize that failure or promote it as a success to others.
  • We are here to support effort, intention and wins, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. We are not here to point out or criticize perceived inadequacies. If it’s not supportive, out it goes! We’re building momentum for our movement, not clothes-lining our fellow seekers!

Well, I think that about covers it for now. There may be more later as we go forward but this is a pretty solid starting point.

You can find the Sacred Life philosophies on the home page now, and this blog post will serve as ground rules for participating in the discussion, either here, or on Facebook.

In both places you’ll see the content begin to shift substantially to include inspiration and information on cultivating a spiritual practice and a lifestyle that embraces and promotes reverence for all life on earth.

Coming soon I’ll be hosting global prayer circles for all life on earth, and we’ll be starting a Sacred Life Book Club in March so keep an eye out for more information on those! Sign up for the mailing list to receive the Sacred Life Newsletter, and notices of upcoming events!

Looking forward to 2015, with the new Sacred Life inspiration and focus!



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