I’m Kaite and I’m a spiritual coach, intuitive, author, animal rights advocate and maverick mystic.

I’m also in the process of developing a ministry, the Sacred Life Ministry, so I guess that makes me a minister too. More on that later, though.

First thing to know about me is that I’m hugely about the spiritual sovereignty – developing a deep connection with Source and with your own soul, and building a life that honors and supports that connection.

I’ve always been this way. When I was a kid, I passionately wanted to be a nun because I just loved God so much.

That didn’t actually work out.

It turned out that even as a little girl I noticed the organized wisdom traditions weren’t quite capturing my personal experience of God. I actually went to a Catholic school (even though we weren’t Catholic) but it seemed clear to me that the nuns were not talking about (or to) the same God I was. I had my own religion even then.

That didn’t put me off God at all, though. It just put me off the nunnery.

Instead I spent most of my life studying the various wisdom traditions and spiritual paths – not because I didn’t know what to believe, but because I just wondered if anybody else out there was having the same experience of God that I was having. I wondered if anybody else was seeing God everywhere, all the time, like I was.

The more I studied, the more obvious it became that all the paths led to God, and none of the paths led to God. All paths led to God because God is everywhere, in everything. And no paths led to God because how can you be led to something from which you’ve never been separated?

Which path (if any) was the “right” path depended very specifically on the individual, and only the individual could know which path resonated, or felt true to her. Also, the rightness of a particular path could change, over time, as you grow and your focus needs to shift.

Only you know best what you need, and whatever you need is available to you when you need it. You just have to ask.

And I just loved that. I still do.

I’m all about the spiritual sovereignty – more connection, more guidance, more love, more devotion – and all perfectly designed for your exact, unique specifications and needs – everything you need spiritually to support your own expansion – your love affair with God – is already yours, you just have to ask.

I’m here to help you figure out how to ask, how to hear the answers as they arrive, and how to craft a day-to-day life that honors those answers. In the end, it’s always been about allowing your life to align itself around your relationship with Source and honoring that relationship with your choices.

Sacred Life Ministry

Now, about the ministry – another thing I’m passionate about (although to me, it seems like the same thing, deep down, underneath) is my love for all life on earth – animal, plant, even the planet itself. All life on earth.

To that end, and in conjunction with Sacred Life Coaching, I am in the process of developing the Sacred Life Ministry which is a spiritual path devoted to living into a deep reverence for all life on earth. In essence, seeing the God in all life on earth, and living accordingly. You can find out more about the ministry here.

It should be said that while the coaching practice and the ministry are separate, they are still two hands of the same body which is my own deep devotion to God and to God as all life on earth. So the Sacred Life Ministry will impact the coaching practice, even if your own faith differs from the values embodied in the ministry.

That said, if you’re a brave, funny, creative, quirky woman who values compassion and cares deeply about the planet and its creatures, then we would probably be a really good fit and work really well together!

Serving Life on Earth

As a passionate animal rights advocate, part of my mission is to make sure that in my work I consistently serve not only the human, but also the non-human citizens of planet Earth.

10% of all profits from Sacred Life Coaching programs and products are donated to organizations that promote and protect the inherent rights of non-human animals. I sometimes vary the organizations that benefit, but they will always be organizations that promote and protect non-human animals and their rights.

At the moment, I am donating 10% of Sacred Life Coaching profits to the Animal Legal Defense Fund, who, in addition to many other worthy efforts, promote the future of animal law by educating future lawyers who specialize in animal law.

You can find out more about ALDF here: ALDF.org



Photograph by In Her Image Photography