Fairies or Mosquitoes?

Park Creek

So here’s what I was thinking about today…

Would you rather be someone who mistakes fairies for mosquitoes


someone who mistakes mosquitoes for fairies?

Now, I know most of you are thinking “why can’t I just recognize fairies for fairies and mosquitoes for mosquitoes?”

and, admittedly, at first glance this seems like a fairly simple question, but to get to the crux of the biscuit, we have realize that we are contemplating lenses here.

If you are someone who interprets the world as being full of mosquitoes and devoid of fairies, then chances are good you would probably mistake a fairy for a mosquito if you saw one and treat it accordingly. It might very well BE a fairy, but you’d SEE a mosquito most likely because that is what you’d be expecting.

If you are someone who interprets the world as being full of fairies, then even if it was a mosquito you probably wouldn’t realize it until it was too late and it was already biting you because you would want to be so very very careful not to swat at a fairy accidentally.

So underneath the probably silly sounding question is a bigger question – whether or not to go through the world defended or undefended. If you go defended, you may or may not get bitten as much (some would say more!) but you’ll necessarily miss a whole lot of opportunities for dazzling amazement and wonder.

If you go undefended, you open the possibility for all that dazzling amazement and wonder, but you will probably get bitten sometimes. You will probably also leave yourself open to disappointment and loss.

So, truthfully, which do you think you are now?

which would you rather be?

Everybody will have loss and disappointment in life.

Everybody will have moments of hope and expectation in life.

The question we have to ask ourselves is how much will we have of each.

How much disappointment are we willing to risk in order to be delighted?

and how much delight are we willing to miss out on to be safe?

Is there even a fair way to weigh out the choice? and is it even a choice?

can we change our answer if we don’t like it?

This is exactly the sort of thing I think about, when I am standing ankle-deep in the shady creek, wondering if that shimmery little thing floating delicately towards me in the dappled sunlight is a fairy, or a mosquito.

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