Deeply Rooted

Deeply Rooted:

Gentle Grounding for Sensitive Souls

A 28-Day E-Program

TreeWhen we think of tree roots, we think about how they hold the tree upright and firmly in place. So grounding and rootedness, to us, appears to be about fixed energy – a way to bring the whirlwind of our energy and our thoughts to a place of balance and stability. A way to settle down.

But roots are not just there to hold the tree upright, in place. The true power of roots is their ability to connect the tree with the vast, abundant resources in the earth. The roots are connectors – portals that open up to allow nourishment, communication, and deep sustenance. The roots are life itself.

Highly Sensitive People often feel overwhelmed by the constant barrage of stimulation in the world, and can often disconnect, energetically, as a way of protecting themselves from overwhelm. One way that they do this is by un-inhabiting the body. Literally pulling their energy out of the lower chakras, away from the earth itself, and concentrating themselves in the upper chakras – the more spiritual, cerebral aspects of self.

If you are Highly Sensitive, you may even experience an aversion to grounding – it sounds like a good idea when you think about it, but then when you imagine yourself doing it, or when you try to actually do it, it can feel overwhelming or even off-putting. Sensitive people need a different, more finely calibrated and gentle approach to grounding in order for it to be effective and appealing.

This 28-day E-Program will take you through a series of extremely simple, pleasurable grounding practices designed to warm up and open up the energy centers in your body that allow you to connect with earth energy. Once you begin to do these practices and open these centers, you’ll begin to experience grounding as an exciting, nourishing, and vital part of your life.

You’ll be surprised by how many things begin to change when you begin to open up to grounding energy, and allow yourself to deeply root in the life force. You have no idea how much it is costing you to be disconnected and shut off from that energy. Once you begin to do the simple practices, and begin to reconnect with the life force that sustains you, you will notice changes in every area of your life – it’s amazing!

Deeply Rooted: Gentle Grounding for Sensitive Souls is scheduled to be released in Fall of this year!

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