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Active Hope for Animals

I’ve created a coaching program specifically designed to support those of you who work on the front lines of animal rights efforts.

You are leading the way to massive change in the human to non-human animal relationship, but you know it’s a long journey that you make against overwhelming odds every single day.

As with any great cause, the change comes slowly and every inch of ground is hard won.  The work you do is amazing, but you often do it for very little reward.

Each day you cope with loss and disappointment. That’s the nature of the animal rights landscape today. As activists and advocates we are in the minority and we are often speaking out against massive, industrialized, institutionalized belief systems. We deal with greed and cruelty every day. The problems are daunting, and solutions to them can be evasive. Resources are scarce and the needs are great. Let’s face it; it’s often difficult, thankless, heartbreaking work with very little to show for it at the end of the day.

And still, in spite of all that, you press on. You hold fast to your vision of a better world for our fellow creatures, but it can be exhausting, day after day. And it takes its toll emotionally.

I wanted there to be a coaching program to actively address these challenges and to support advocates on the front lines of animal rights activism.

I wanted to create something for animal rights organizations, sanctuaries, rescues and individuals who are struggling alone to create that better world. I believe in that better world, and I wanted Sacred Life Coaching to be a part of the solution.

Adapted closely from Joanna Macy’s “The Work That Reconnects,” this program has been  tailored specifically for animal rights advocates and activists.

Active Hope for Animals is an eight-week telecoaching program created to combat burn-out and compassion fatigue by transforming your understanding of your work, reconnecting you with purpose and possibility, and re-contextualizing the current animal rights landscape in a way that restores and heals you, instead of breaking your heart.

During the eight weeks, we will come together to shift and transform the work so that it begins to sustain you, instead of draining you emotionally. We’ll address the emotional difficulty of the work, and create a greater context for it to empower and uplift you. As your work becomes sustainable and healing, you become better able to cope with the pressures and disappointments you face and more creative in your responses to the challenges. As your relationship to your works shifts, your ability to serve expands.

If you are interested in participating in the next group, or want to book the program for your organization, send me an email at for more information!