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Beautiful Bee

Well, it’s finally here!

Little by little I have been shifting my practice from the previous focus of spiritual sovereignty to the current focus of fostering reverence for all life on earth.

You’ve probably noticed the name change to go with the shift – my practice used to be called “Alchemy Coaching” and you’ll probably still see references to it in my earlier blog posts, but I’ve been inspired to rename my practice to “Sacred Life Coaching” to indicate the new focus on reverence for all life.

The Sanctuary is in the process of transitioning as well – into the Sacred Life Sanctuary – with resources for making the transition to a spiritual path based on reverence for all life.

(Don’t worry, all the Sovereign Soul resources will still be available there, and the resources to support the new book will also be available there still!)

Going forward coaching services and programs will be developed to support people in transitioning from a dominant culture lifestyle that is primarily founded upon anthropocentric entitlement with little regard to its impact on the other citizens of earth, to a spiritual path that embraces and prioritizes a reverence for all life.

My work is, and will be fostering a spiritual expansion that prioritizes connection and compassion for all life on earth, and managing the unique set of challenges that arise when one embarks on this particular spiritual path.

There are some basic underlying ground rules that I will put forth now, and will enforce rigorously on this blog and also on the Facebook page:

  • This is a spiritual path. If you think compassion for all life is not a spiritual path, you are on the wrong blog. There is a strong atheist vegan community, and they will welcome you, but this is not the place for you if you are atheist. Here we agree that God, and Love and Life on Earth are all connected and important.
  • This is a spiritual practice. That means we are all practicing. It does not mean we are perfect at it yet, and nor should we be. This is not a place for shaming others on the path, or comparing the purity of our compassionate actions and choices. We are all on the path, we are all at various points along the path, we will all experience setbacks, we will all make mistakes, and we are all worthy and blessed to have one another’s company as we do those things. Shaming, belittling, or dismissive comments will be deleted. I’m keeping the container compassionate.
  • Abstaining from participation in oppression, violence, exploitation, or cruelty towards others is part of the practice. That means that ultimately one of the goals is to eliminate foods, products, activities and entertainment that are oppressive, violent, exploitative, or cruel to life on earth of any species. It’s okay not to have yet been able to fully implement that in your life yet. It’s okay to disagree or be confused about what constitutes exploitation or oppression. Like any social justice movement, or any spiritual path, there will be areas that are open for interpretation. But the rule of thumb is this: if you wouldn’t want it done to you, or your loved ones, then don’t do it to others. Period. If you are struggling to give up a particular food item, for example, that’s fine, we’re here to help you do that. It’s okay to find this hard, to fall off the wagon and reach out for help. It’s not okay to insist that eating the bodies and fluids of other species is fine. It’s not fine. It’s okay not to be able to give up your medication, even though you know it has been tested on animals. It’s not okay to maintain that testing on animals is okay because you need your medication. Do you see the distinction? It’s okay to fail to live up to our ideals and reach out for help. It’s not okay to rationalize that failure or promote it as a success to others.
  • We are here to support effort, intention and wins, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. We are not here to point out or criticize perceived inadequacies. If it’s not supportive, out it goes! We’re building momentum for our movement, not clothes-lining our fellow seekers!

Well, I think that about covers it for now. There may be more later as we go forward but this is a pretty solid starting point.

You can find the Sacred Life philosophies on the home page now, and this blog post will serve as ground rules for participating in the discussion, either here, or on Facebook.

In both places you’ll see the content begin to shift substantially to include inspiration and information on cultivating a spiritual practice and a lifestyle that embraces and promotes reverence for all life on earth.

Coming soon I’ll be hosting global prayer circles for all life on earth, and we’ll be starting a Sacred Life Book Club in March so keep an eye out for more information on those! Sign up for the mailing list to receive the Sacred Life Newsletter, and notices of upcoming events!

Looking forward to 2015, with the new Sacred Life inspiration and focus!



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Catching Up!


Kaite’s Andy Goldsworthy-ian efforts by the creek

So, I’ve been a tad bit lax with the blog posts of late and you may have been wondering just what I’ve been up to!

I thought I would check in and update you all on my recent adventures and projects!

I’ve begun my next book, which is turning out to be quite an adventure in and of itself and you can look forward to lots of excerpts and updates here on my progress.

As always, this book is being co-written with Spirit, so it has been an exhilarating ride so far. Just when I think  I have a handle on it, it morphs and deepens again, and I just do my best to hang on and enjoy the ride.

The book itself is about grounding practices for energetically sensitive people, but it’s actually turning out to be about so much more than that sounds like at first glance.

I’ll keep you posted, but suffice it to say, there’s a lot more to it than you might imagine, and I think what was supposed to be a nice, simple book on grounding is really turning out to be quite life changing! More on that later.

I’ve also begun to offer individual coaching programs, and you can read more about the different coaching focus paths here. If you want to know more about working with me, and what to expect, you can read about that here, and email me to set up a discovery session.

And, guided by my ever-increasing passion for animal rights advocacy, I’ve made two very important decisions.

The first is that I will be donating 10% of all profits from all Alchemy Coaching programs and services to organizations that promote and protect animal rights.

The second is that I am adding coaching products and services designed specifically to work with people who are working to promote and protect animal rights.

I’ll be launching the first of these programs later this year, but you can read more about it here if you want to find out more right now!

At the moment I am only working with groups, but I plan to incorporate an Active Hope for Animals focus path into my individual coaching services as well!

I’ll be at the Animal Rights 2014 National Conference this month to kick this off, so I’ll keep you posted as things develop!

Other than that, I’ve been enjoying a really beautiful summer here – lots of beach days, and creek days and evening walks by the lake. Apparently we are having a “bodies of water” theme this year!

I’ve been experimenting with some miniature natural art in the style of Andy GoldsworthyIMAG0690 (if you don’t know who that is, check out the Rivers and Tides movie). I posted some pictures of one of my tiny creations here just for fun!

We have six new Mallard ducklings at the lake, and they are flying now, which is rather exciting since I’ve been watching them since they were tiny yellow fuzzballs.  Honestly, I knew ducklings were darling, but I had no idea just HOW darling they were! It’s ridiculous!

Anyway, that’s the most recent news here at Alchemy Coaching!

I’ll try to post some pictures of the ducklings later if I can get them off  my phone.

the pictures. not the ducklings.

the ducklings hardly ever use my phone.

now, the crows are another story.

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Advice to a Friend Who was Recently “Down-Sized”

So, I am posting this here, because I feel like I need to read this to myself all the time, and maybe we all do. Maybe this isn’t just encouraging for the recently “down-sized” but for the entirety of the human experience. So I am putting this here to cheer myself on, and hopefully, to cheer you on too in the process!



There is a big huge expansive way to hold this news, but unless you are prepared for it already, that usually doesn’t come till later. It has something to do with belonging – so it’s a primal thing – over and above the perceived security issues are the self worth issues that rise up and reveal themselves in the wake of this sort of event.

These are all quite wonderful opportunities for personal expansion and brilliant illuminating moments of clarity and joy, but those are probably a few weeks off.

Just remember this, my friend:  you belong. You have a place, in fact many, many places that are rightfully, welcomingly yours. Places where you can shine, and where your purpose is even greater than it was in your last place.

We do not live in a world where people stay anywhere for long, and the tide itself will carry you to your next place.

Do not be afraid. You belong in the family of man and you are worthy of love, respect and admiration at all times and under all circumstances without exception.

No matter how much they may label you “down-sized” – the truth is that no one has the power to “down-size” you, but you.  They are the only ones shrinking in this story. Consider your leaving that shrinking situation as proof of your imminent expansion; proof of that situation having finally become too small to hold you, whether you were aware of it at the time or not.

Now (or very, very soon) is the time for your vision of your own greatness to expand and for you to expand to meet it.  Relax into your expansion, now that the walls have finally come down and you can be as big as you want to be, as big as you can imagine!

Look around you.

The sky’s the limit, my friend – time to go supernova!

With much love and light,



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Freedom and Transparency



So, lately I’ve been asking myself why I don’t post as often as I would like to.

It’s not as though I don’t have anything to post about – honestly I could post every day, several times a day and not run out of things to contemplate or communicate.

It’s just that I sort of tied myself to this really “professional” sort of archival model of blogging – where I would type and then edit and then find images and then archive and then copy the whole dang lot up onto the blogsite.

Cumbersome, to say the least.

and completely lacking in spontaneity and transparency.

So I thought, hey, what would happen if I just change it up a little – type my blog posts directly into my blog site, just as they come to me, and let the chips fall where they may?

What would happen if I just showed up, exactly as I am, said what I had to say, put it out there and let it go?

What would happen if I didn’t filter it, and fine tune it and fuck with it so much before I let it out there?

So that’s what we are trying for a while to see if that frees me up a little, and activates the vulnerability and transparency that I am cultivating in this business.

Because ultimately, the whole journey is about transparency.

How much of yourself are you willing to let be seen in this world, by this world, before you leave it?

That’s the mission.

How much are you willing to just show up, share your experiences, and really connect?

What would happen if that was the primary purpose of everything, all of it?

It sounds a little scary and uncertain, but I am willing to put it all out there and find out.

I’m willing to show up and I am willing to open the door.

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Fairies or Mosquitoes?

Park Creek

So here’s what I was thinking about today…

Would you rather be someone who mistakes fairies for mosquitoes


someone who mistakes mosquitoes for fairies?

Now, I know most of you are thinking “why can’t I just recognize fairies for fairies and mosquitoes for mosquitoes?”

and, admittedly, at first glance this seems like a fairly simple question, but to get to the crux of the biscuit, we have realize that we are contemplating lenses here.

If you are someone who interprets the world as being full of mosquitoes and devoid of fairies, then chances are good you would probably mistake a fairy for a mosquito if you saw one and treat it accordingly. It might very well BE a fairy, but you’d SEE a mosquito most likely because that is what you’d be expecting.

If you are someone who interprets the world as being full of fairies, then even if it was a mosquito you probably wouldn’t realize it until it was too late and it was already biting you because you would want to be so very very careful not to swat at a fairy accidentally.

So underneath the probably silly sounding question is a bigger question – whether or not to go through the world defended or undefended. If you go defended, you may or may not get bitten as much (some would say more!) but you’ll necessarily miss a whole lot of opportunities for dazzling amazement and wonder.

If you go undefended, you open the possibility for all that dazzling amazement and wonder, but you will probably get bitten sometimes. You will probably also leave yourself open to disappointment and loss.

So, truthfully, which do you think you are now?

which would you rather be?

Everybody will have loss and disappointment in life.

Everybody will have moments of hope and expectation in life.

The question we have to ask ourselves is how much will we have of each.

How much disappointment are we willing to risk in order to be delighted?

and how much delight are we willing to miss out on to be safe?

Is there even a fair way to weigh out the choice? and is it even a choice?

can we change our answer if we don’t like it?

This is exactly the sort of thing I think about, when I am standing ankle-deep in the shady creek, wondering if that shimmery little thing floating delicately towards me in the dappled sunlight is a fairy, or a mosquito.

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Interview with Abby Seixas – Finding the Deep River Within

seixaspaperbackcRemember I promised you a surprise?

I’m so excited to share this wonderful conversation I had with Abby Seixas, who is the author of the book Finding the Deep River Within: A Woman’s Guide to Recovering Balance and Meaning in Everyday Life.

This topic is particularly important during our current Sovereign Soul Sanctuary focus on making time for our Sovereign Souls, as Abby and I discuss the importance of slowing down for a different way of relating to time.

Abby has been generous enough to offer two downloadable worksheets to help you implement the material in the book. She’s included a worksheet to help set up what she calls “time-ins” and anther to support you in setting boundaries:

Taking Time to Take Time-In Worksheet

Boundaries Worksheet

Pick up a copy of Abby’s Kindle book on Amazon here:

On Kindle by Abbey Seixas for $9.99*


You can find out more about Abby and her work on her website here:

You can also Like her Facebook page here:

*In the spirit of full disclosure, with some products and services that I recommend, I may receive a commission if you decide to purchase them using the links that I have provided. I only recommend products & services that I trust and love, so I know you’ll be in good hands!

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Thinning of the Veil


People are always telling me how to get rid of my migraines.

The truth is that I don’t really want to get rid of them.

Which freaks people out.

I’ve always appreciated my migraines, even before I finally found a medication that manages a fair bit of the pain. Even when the pain raged on, un-medicated and full strength, I still wanted to keep my migraines because of the amazing gifts they brought with them.

The thing about the migraines is that they are absolutely an altered state. Part of the altered state is the increased sensitivity to everything – touch, sound, smell, light – EVERYTHING. The other part the occasional euphoria, which, combined with the increased sensitivity is intensely beautiful and captivating. Sometimes even the pain itself becomes really beautiful and you can almost hear it, like music.

With this altered state comes an intense vulnerability and surrender. I am a woman who has an extremely high capacity for control, and my egoic mind delights in this, let me tell you. My ego-mind loves to control me, and control things, and control circumstances and control outcomes and control others and basically run the show.

She just loves it.

Most of the time ego mind is her on the throne, dictating and organizing and instructing and improving away, and then suddenly, from out of nowhere comes Migraine, like a HUGE linebacker, flying through the air and tackling her so hard she launches off the stage, leaving only the throne sitting there, empty. That’s how it seems.

Because, when the migraine takes over, I can’t control anything. I lose speech function and hand-eye coordination. I can think but my thoughts seem no longer limited by the structure of words. And with the hypersensitivity, my senses seem to have escaped the confines of my body and I can literally FEEL the whole environment around me.

The veil has become so thin that it seems not to exist at all.

I can’t control anything but I can experience everything. And it’s extremely pleasant, like being let out of a box for a time. It’s illuminating.

During the migraine I surrender by necessity. I become completely willing, even blissed-out. I am literally high on life, going with the flow, and allowing whatever needs to happen to happen. The sensation is a pretty close approximate to what I would describe as a spiritually expanded state, even if I cannot seem to maintain it beyond the migraine.

And in that state – I don’t want to be around other people. I’m great with being in nature, being with creatures and the like, but I don’t want to engage with and interact with the humans.

The big question this raised for me was this:

If it is true that the migraines are giving me an opportunity to experience the physical experience without the limitations that the ego mind usually places on it, if the migraines are literally thinning the veil for me by shutting down activities and propensities to control and judge and perform and resist, but I can’t really be around people in that state, how does that inform my beliefs around the social worth and acceptance of the spiritually expanded state?

If, in my temporary, artificially- expanded state, I tend to shy away from the humans, what is that telling me about my beliefs around what an expanded life would be? What it would look like and feel like?

In that state, I’m completely absorbed in my own experience, unwilling to make even the slight compromises required for normal social interaction. It’s not that I’m resisting them, it’s just that I don’t care about them. They become completely unimportant to me.

During a migraine I don’t care who I piss off, I just do what I need to do to take care of me. I prioritize my own need at that moment over all other needs. I’ll cancel things at the last minute, miss deadlines, disappoint relatives, it doesn’t matter.

During the migraine, my first priority, my ONLY priority becomes self-care.

So, extrapolate with me here…what would happen if I were permanently to expand into a state where I was no longer attempting to control everything, no longer prioritizing the needs and circumstances of other people over my own self-care, no longer relying upon words to articulate myself (having expanded beyond them, and not bothered by it!), and no longer able to keep commitments to other people?

What if I lost even what few social graces I have right now?

Can you see a barrier there? If I perceive myself as unable or unwilling to engage with human activities when I expand beyond a certain point, am I keeping myself contained all the time in order to avoid that?

Is my ego mind sabotaging my expansion because I secretly believe that it would be too hard and too scary and too lonely to spiritually expand beyond a certain point?

Because I don’t FEEL lonely during a migraine.

In that altered state I feel totally connected to everything, and aware of so much more.

The fear of the isolation that would accompany spiritual expansion may be only a night terror of my ego mind. It seems that the whole containment plan may be a construct of my ego-mind, working to keep me as small and manageable as possible.

Because the one thing I can’t be, during a migraine, is “managed.”

And I don’t need to be.

But my ego mind may have other ideas.

There is so much to this.

Obviously I don’t have answers yet, and I am not sure that actual spiritual expansion (vs. the artificial, migraine-induced sort) would be like this, so the question may turn out to be moot.

But from my current vantage point, the migraine state is the closest I have ever been to that level of spiritual expansion, (not counting dream states, of course), so it’s all my ego mind has to work with when it’s drafting the rules and regulations for how not to find yourself completely alone in the human experience.

If you have migraines, do you experience them as a spiritually expanded state?

Do you find your priorities changed when you do?

Do you find yourself avoiding human contact as much as possible during migraine, not just because of the pain, but because your filters are down?

Do you think any of this has an impact your ability and willingness to expand spiritually?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


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Making Time for Your Sovereign Soul


The theme for August is “Making Time for Your Sovereign Soul” and we’re just going to slip seamlessly from our focus on consistency into our focus on making time to spend with your Soul, and doing it in a way that honors and supports your spiritual expansion!

Summer is the perfect time to settle down and relax into your relationship with time, so we will spend the month finding our unique spiritual groove and then going with it!

If everything goes well, Sovereign Soul Sanctuary members will receive the first installment of the August Touchstones series in your email on Sunday, August 4, so keep an eye out for it!

Watch your email box on August 4!

And if you are not already a member of the Sovereign Soul Sanctuary and you’d like to find out more about it, there’s more information here:!



The theme for August is “Making Time for Your Sovereign Soul” and we’re just going to slip seamlessly from our focus on consistency into our focus on making time to spend with your Soul, and doing it in a way that honors and supports your spiritual expansion!


Summer is the perfect time to settle down and relax into your relationship with time, so we will spend the month finding our unique spiritual groove and then going with it!


If everything goes well, Sovereign Soul Sanctuary members will receive the first installment of the August Touchstones series in your email on Sunday, August 4, so keep an eye out for it!  


Watch your email box on August 4!


And if you are not already a member of the Sovereign Soul Sanctuary and you’d like to find out more about it, there’s more information here:!

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Author Event at the Alexandria II Bookstore! Yay!

I’m so happy to share that the Alexandria II Book Store in Pasadena, CA will be hosting my next author event for The Sovereign Soul: A Spiritual-but-Not-Religious Woman’s Guide to Living a Soul-Centered Life.

Alexandria II is a lovely little new age bookstore that has been in business in Pasadena for Alexandria II Books, Music & More28 years! I’ll be giving a talk and reading a bit from the book, and there will be some little goodies for folks who attend in person, and a door prize raffle, so it should be a fun afternoon!

If you are in the LA area the first weekend of August, please come out and join us!  I’d love to see you there!

Sunday, August 4, 2013 at 3:00 PM
Alexandria II Bookstore
170 S. Lake Ave, Pasadena, CA 91101,
(626) 792-7885

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What a Great Time!

9781452555690_COVER.inddWe had so much fun at last night’s author event at the Capitola Book Cafe! More than  forty people showed up, if you can believe that! The energy was great, the bookstore almost sold out of the books, and I’ll be announcing the winner of the door prize raffle for a $30 gift certificate to the Capitola Book Cafe tomorrow as soon as I’ve had a chance to catch my breath after all of the excitement!

Many thanks to all of you wonderful people who came out to the event last night – I’m so grateful for your participation, and your attention and your energy – you were a wonderful welcoming crowd, which was great for my first author event for  my very first book ever!

It was an evening I will always remember!

Love and light,


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